Day 5 – Over a Year Later

Over a year later.  I’ve not been that great at sticking with it.  I’ve started keeping a 3-ring binder. It has sections, like Personal, Work, Church, and Special Projects, like the Dining Room addition I’ve started.  I have trouble with the fixed pages in a notebook. The perfectionist in me is hesitant to write in it because of the permanence if each page.  The 3-ring is so much more fluid. I finished up pouring the piers (4) last night. It’s a 24′ x 14′ addition built much like a deck, with floor joists spanning from a ledger board to a built-up beam over the 4 piers. Next I think is to install the ledger board. I’d like to get all the house-side work done and possibly use it to attach a semi-permanent tarp to cover the work, which will be exposed for a long time.

Had a great Bible class tonight. I teach the 3rd – 5th grade class at church. Had seven kids. We reviewed Gen 1-4, drew the “Fall of Man” story, practiced the books of the Bible, sang some songs, and played Red Elbow.  I also forgot that I had the devo tonight so I had the boys each lead a song: Ben, Andrew, Ethan, Jake, Brody, Evan, Dean, Cooper, Lance.


Day 4

Good morning. Woke 5:15. Ran 10 min. Read MM 30 min. Pray 4 min. Visualize 6 min. Write 5 min. Affirm 3 min. Then shower, eat toast, to work.

Home for lunch. Started Ant Man while I ate. Turned it off when I finished eating. Straightened/put away my things, folded clothes, burned trash.

After work, cut weeds and mowed. Got a lot done today.

Tomorrow I need to get our Wills out of the files and see if they need to be updated. Haven’t reviewed them in 20 years.


Day 3

It’s Monday. I was off Friday and my wife and I went to Silver Dollar City for the weekend. Got back Saturday evening.  I didn’t do MM Friday – Sunday.  I could have Sunday but didn’t. I just hadn’t set my alarm to get up early on weekends, that’s been fixed. My alarms are now 5:15 M-F and 6:00 Sat & Sun.

So today was day 3. I’ve revised the order of activities.  Exercise is first. That way I can get cleaned up and ready for work. Then if I have to cut my morning routine short for some reason, I’ll be ready to go.

I’ve been using a C25K (couch to 5k) running app to help me ramp up my running.  The problem is it takes at least 30 minutes to complete a workout. An they get a bit longer as you get closer to the end.  Thirty minutes is too long to fit into a morning routine, so I’m changing that starting tomorrow. I will limit my exercise to 10 minutes, run/walk until I’m comfortable running the whole 10 minutes.

I listen to a podcast while I run and while I shower: Optimal Living Daily.  I enjoy and lots of ideas for self improvement.  Though it’s hard to make any of them stick since I’m never taking notes while I listen.

I had a good day at work. Got through all of my email inbox.  Checked off all my daily tasks and a few of my monthly tasks.

I have three walking goals each day. 1) Walk 500 steps 6 different times each day, separated by at least one hour, 2) Walk 3000 steps with 30 minutes, and 3) Walk 10,000 steps. I did it Saturday, but not Sunday or Today.  I will do better at this ad will try to hit all three goals each day. It will be harder to get the 3k steps within 30 minutes if my morning run is limited to 10 minutes. I had been using that run to meet that goal.

Day 2 – The Whole Morning

Yesterday (and today) I stepped through the morning routine as if it were a separate part of my morning. Taking the shower, getting dressed, making the bed, were all considered to be outside of my routine.  Next time I’m making my routine start the moment my alarm goes off. (Which needs to be earlier, by the way.) Also, first thing I do will be to exercise, which for me will mean to run. That way I’m outside earlier (which I like) and can get all sweaty and then cleaned up before moving on to the next steps of my morning. And, since I’m already clean and dressed by then, I could just cut the morning short and head for work if I run out of time.

This morning was harder, harder to get up and get moving. It’s Thursday. I’ve taken the day off tomorrow to take my wife out of town for the weekend.  I should be able to do my morning tomorrow, not sure about Saturday. Will try to do a version of it.

I think I’ve made progress the last two days.  I feel good about that.  I teach a Bible class for 3rd – 6th graders.  Last night I talked to them about the importance of making good goals, getting up in the morning, and making your bed.  They seemed very interested and inspired. I’m anxious to see if any will have some results to report.

Miracle Morning Reboot

I’m starting again.  Reading through The Miracle Morning and trying to make it stick.  I will call today “Day 1” since I’ve started re-reading the book today. I also did the SAVERS to the best of my understanding, though I had no idea how to Visualize and felt it was very similar to Affirmations.  But I’m making PROGRESS!  And that’s the key.  I love the soy milk commercials that are out now about how Progress is Perfection.  I like that idea.  I am not the person that I want to be. But I will make progress toward that goal today.