Day 2 – The Whole Morning

Yesterday (and today) I stepped through the morning routine as if it were a separate part of my morning. Taking the shower, getting dressed, making the bed, were all considered to be outside of my routine.  Next time I’m making my routine start the moment my alarm goes off. (Which needs to be earlier, by the way.) Also, first thing I do will be to exercise, which for me will mean to run. That way I’m outside earlier (which I like) and can get all sweaty and then cleaned up before moving on to the next steps of my morning. And, since I’m already clean and dressed by then, I could just cut the morning short and head for work if I run out of time.

This morning was harder, harder to get up and get moving. It’s Thursday. I’ve taken the day off tomorrow to take my wife out of town for the weekend.  I should be able to do my morning tomorrow, not sure about Saturday. Will try to do a version of it.

I think I’ve made progress the last two days.  I feel good about that.  I teach a Bible class for 3rd – 6th graders.  Last night I talked to them about the importance of making good goals, getting up in the morning, and making your bed.  They seemed very interested and inspired. I’m anxious to see if any will have some results to report.


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