Day 3

It’s Monday. I was off Friday and my wife and I went to Silver Dollar City for the weekend. Got back Saturday evening.  I didn’t do MM Friday – Sunday.  I could have Sunday but didn’t. I just hadn’t set my alarm to get up early on weekends, that’s been fixed. My alarms are now 5:15 M-F and 6:00 Sat & Sun.

So today was day 3. I’ve revised the order of activities.  Exercise is first. That way I can get cleaned up and ready for work. Then if I have to cut my morning routine short for some reason, I’ll be ready to go.

I’ve been using a C25K (couch to 5k) running app to help me ramp up my running.  The problem is it takes at least 30 minutes to complete a workout. An they get a bit longer as you get closer to the end.  Thirty minutes is too long to fit into a morning routine, so I’m changing that starting tomorrow. I will limit my exercise to 10 minutes, run/walk until I’m comfortable running the whole 10 minutes.

I listen to a podcast while I run and while I shower: Optimal Living Daily.  I enjoy and lots of ideas for self improvement.  Though it’s hard to make any of them stick since I’m never taking notes while I listen.

I had a good day at work. Got through all of my email inbox.  Checked off all my daily tasks and a few of my monthly tasks.

I have three walking goals each day. 1) Walk 500 steps 6 different times each day, separated by at least one hour, 2) Walk 3000 steps with 30 minutes, and 3) Walk 10,000 steps. I did it Saturday, but not Sunday or Today.  I will do better at this ad will try to hit all three goals each day. It will be harder to get the 3k steps within 30 minutes if my morning run is limited to 10 minutes. I had been using that run to meet that goal.


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