Day 5 – Over a Year Later

Over a year later.  I’ve not been that great at sticking with it.  I’ve started keeping a 3-ring binder. It has sections, like Personal, Work, Church, and Special Projects, like the Dining Room addition I’ve started.  I have trouble with the fixed pages in a notebook. The perfectionist in me is hesitant to write in it because of the permanence if each page.  The 3-ring is so much more fluid. I finished up pouring the piers (4) last night. It’s a 24′ x 14′ addition built much like a deck, with floor joists spanning from a ledger board to a built-up beam over the 4 piers. Next I think is to install the ledger board. I’d like to get all the house-side work done and possibly use it to attach a semi-permanent tarp to cover the work, which will be exposed for a long time.

Had a great Bible class tonight. I teach the 3rd – 5th grade class at church. Had seven kids. We reviewed Gen 1-4, drew the “Fall of Man” story, practiced the books of the Bible, sang some songs, and played Red Elbow.  I also forgot that I had the devo tonight so I had the boys each lead a song: Ben, Andrew, Ethan, Jake, Brody, Evan, Dean, Cooper, Lance.


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